Piyanut Charoenpiriya
รับสมัครงาน (Job)
รับสมัคร Web Programmer

Job Description :

- Code, design and maintain system to boost user productivity.

- Brainstorm and communicate with team for requirements gathering and troubleshooting.

- Share reasonable ideas and possible solutions to create new innovation or solve specific problems.

- Self starter who takes initiative and is highly motivated.

- Quick response to a problem report.

Qualification :

- Strong in OOP

- Experience in coding C#,C++,Python

- Experience in reporting tool

- Experience in network programming

- Experience in web client-side such as Javascript, CSS

- Experience in DBMS MS SQL, MySQL

- Database design and coding either in SQL or NoSQL


ติดต่อ คุณปิยะณัฐ เจริญพิริยะ

โทร 092-545-6329

Email : [email protected]

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